Conceive, Model, Generate

The vision of this product is to create a model driven system that is easy to use. There are numerous ORM tools today. They come in a variety of flavors. There are two important factors to consider when evaluating products: functionality and ease of use. There are extreme cases that cause headaches. Easy to use products that are not very functionality are about as useful as highly functional products that are difficult to use. The holy grail to to have an easy to use product that still provides a lot of functionality.

We are striving to be that product. nHydrate is fully integrated into the Visual Studio environment and there is no configuration necessary to use it. The entire model is visually based and most functionality and objects are self-explanatory. When you define entities, functions, stored procedures, or views, it is obvious what these object types are doing. There are some more advanced features like modules but we hope that reading a paragraph or two should make even the more advanced features understandable.

nHydrate was designed and built by developers who build real-world applications every day. We model and generate iteratively and use the feedback to make the product better. We have added features that make our lives easier and we hope your life as well.